Garden Tools

Farmer Ted loves tools! Old and new tools but mostly old. We love going to farm sales, auctions, estate sales, and garage sales to rescue tools from dusty corners of sheds and basements. Each tool receives loving, restorative attention from the practiced eyes and hands of Farmer Ted and his 40 years of experience. You never know what you may find in the racks and stacks of shovels, hoes, forks and rakes but you know that every one is going to be clean, smooth and sharp. Did you know that the BigBox stores can’t sell sharp shovels and hoes? It’s a liability issue…

Tool Rental

We also have tools to loan and rent for those once a year or once a decade needs: Post hole diggers, ground tampers, grass seed spreaders, rollers and mulchers, broad fork diggers, flamer weeder, crop duster, log roller etc….

Garden Tools

Shovels – Pitchforks – Rakes – Hoes – Pruners – Reel Mowers

All of our tools are sharpened, cleaned, oiled, and ready for use.

$15 Garden Tools

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